EPC Payroll Solutions SA is a professional payroll and labour broking company with expert knowledge and years of experience in full function payroll and labour broking services.

EPC Payroll Solutions South Africa offers tailor made payroll and labour broking solutions and services to Small Medium Enterprises (SME) and  Corporate businesses throughout Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town.

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Simplified Payroll Services

Many business owners underestimate the payroll administration process and costs associated to it. There’s much more to managing your payroll process than just writing salary advices and handing them to your valued employees on time. Keeping accurate records, calculating and paying payroll taxes, and dealing with the frustrating, time consuming but significant payroll administration back-end is even more crucial.

EPC Payroll Solutions offers a smart alternative service to in-house payroll processing. Our professional team will help you simplify your monthly payroll by offering your business an outsourced payroll and labour broking solution managing the complete process cost-effectively, efficiently and saving you time. Our expert services obviates the need to employ, train and pay for a specialist payroll manager and staff. Furthermore, it also means that businesses do not need to invest in a computerised payroll package and deal with the complications of employing people.

Payroll Services Benefiting Your Business

EPC Payroll Solutions provides companies with the payroll solution they require, so they can focus on their future growth and sustainability.

EPC Payroll Solutions will ensure employees are paid accurately, on time, every time and monthly and annual statutory payments are made to South African Revenue Services (SARS) timeously.

At EPC we offer a reliable, accurate, on-time payroll solution!